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Journey to Colorado for a New Tail Number, Farewell 21756

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Early this 4th of July weekend, 21756 was flown to Colorado for a few changes. In a few weeks our plane will return with a new paint scheme and a new tail number! Here are some photos from the flight from Scottsdale (KSDL) to Denver Colorado (KAPA). Read more

Phenom 100 Light-Jet Crash in Sedona Reinforces Aviation Safety

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Another reminder yesterday, May 25 2011, for all pilots to be vigilant with aviation safety. Per the FAA’s preliminary accident report, an Embraer Phenom 100, operated by Superior Air Charter, LLC (also known as, JetSuite),  slid off the end of the runway into a ravine in Sedona, AZ (KSEZ). Read more

New customs service expands Scottsdale Airport’s appeal

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Fantastic Article from the Charter X Daily Email Blast.

“A new U.S. Customs and Border Protection program will expand Scottsdale Airport as an international destination for visitors and business travelers. While customs services were already available, international arrivals and departures were limited to specific countries. Read more

Sedona Fly In and Pink Jeep Tour

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Sedona Fly In This Saturday – May 7th, 2011

Come join us on the Sawyer Aviation Sedona Fly In and Pink Jeep Tour! Experience the red rocks of Sedona like never before! Get there in as little as 30-minutes. Tour Only: $79* Read more

Pima Air & Space Museum Fly In

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Sawyer’s First Fly-In for 2011!

Friday April 29th, 2011

Heading down to Tucson the check out the Pima Air and Space Museum, AMARG Boneyard and their new restaurant the Flight Grill. Read more

G1000 vs Proline

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The March 2011 issue of Citation Jet Owner’s Magazine has addressed the real issues and differences between two of the most popular private jet flight decks, the Pro Line 21 and G1000. Cryus Sigari assembled a group of plane owners who own or have owned aircraft with both these systems. Combined with his own experience, Sigari used this data to create a comprehensive comparison.

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What is a Contrail?

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Watch the video now: CBS KPHO 5 News Story – What are Chemtrails?

CBS KPHO 5 recently tackled the growing concern about contrails in our skies. Certain groups fear that they contain harmful chemicals and are somehow related a global government conspiracy. Read more

Snow in Arizona

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Flagstaff Arizona

Many visitors think that Arizona has an envious winter of 70 degrees. They are correct and rightfully jealous. But an Arizona winter is so much more.

Private aviation has opened the doors to places all over Arizona. With Sedona and Flagstaff a short flight north of the Valley, anyone can experience our winter wonderland. Read more

New Jersey and Back in Three Days

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Two of our fearless instructors, Matt Forsey and Mike Vasta, flew from Scottsdale to New Jersey and back, in three days.

The total distance of their trip was 3,629 nautical miles.

They captured some amazing moments in the video below. Read more

Checkride Checklist

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It’s only a few days before your checkride and you keeping wondering if you’re missing something?

With all that aeronautical knowledge swirling around in your head you can’t forget the basics. So here is the IMSAFE checklist to make sure you are safe to fly before your checkride.


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