Who is flying above you? Just ask Siri

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Excellent article by Flying Mag:

“Do you ever look to the skies and wonder what airplanes are flying above you? If you have an iPhone 4S, you can simply ask Siri – the service that not only answers your questions, but actually talks back too. But apparently it’s important to use proper language when you talk to Siri, just like when you communicate with air traffic controllers.

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New International Dateline Skips Over a Day Entirely

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December 30th never happened for the two small territories Samoa and Tokelau. The new International Dateline put NSFA/Apia from one day behind Auckland to one hour ahead, skipping over December 30th entirely.

This is the first change since 1995 near Kiribati.

The legal danger of pointing a laser at an aircraft

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This is an excellent article from the FBI.

“Justin Stouder was aiming a laser pointer at a distant tower from his suburban St. Louis yard one April evening in 2010 when a police helicopter appeared in his line of sight more than a mile away.

At the time, the 24-year-old had no idea that his decision to point the laser at the helicopter was a federal felony—or that the beam of light might have serious consequences for the pilot and his crew.

“It’s equivalent to a flash of a camera if you were in a pitch black car at night,” said St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer Doug Reinholz, the pilot on patrol that night when Stouder’s green hand-held laser “painted” his cockpit. “It’s a temporary blinding to the pilot,” he said during a recent news conference highlighting the danger of lasers directed at airplanes and helicopters.

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8 Questions with Celebrity Guest Aviator Pumpkin Pilot at Sawyer Aviation

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We are very excited here at Sawyer Aviation to have a special guest aviator with us this month, Pumpkin Pilot. We took some time earlier this week to sit down with him and find out what planted the seed in of his head and why he loves aviation! He really enjoys meeting and taking photos with all of our students and pilot instructors!

SA: So how’d you come up with the name Pumpkin Pilot? Was it a nickname from when you were younger, or something you came up with? I have to say it’s pretty unique.

PP: Well, my real name is Paul, or P. Umpkin. I’m round, I’m orange, I love airplanes…its an easy nickname to come up with I guess. I was teased as a child, but I’ve come to embrace it. Oh, and probably because I’m a flying pumpkin.
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Gala season starts to take off in Scottsdale with the help of Sawyer Aviation

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Sawyer Aviation donates two charter flights to the Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale. The Nite Flite Gala was held at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

For photos click here and here.

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Autumn is the perfect time to fly, for birds and pilots!

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The hot weather is finally ending in our desert oasis, ushering in the start of Autumn of our peak flying season. Fall flying is smooth as it is the end of the summer monsoons, but before storms brought about by winter cold fronts begin. As more pilots begin flying regularly, they are joined by their winged brethren. Migration season is kicking off with many birds beginning to flying south for the winter. Read more

What is the longest over-water route of flight with no alternates?

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Few realize that San Francisco/Monterrey, CA are closer to Hawaii than Los Angeles or San Diego because of the curvature of the earth. The longest over water route in the world is the stretch between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. Even between Hawaii and Tokyo there are alternate airports available, such as Midway Island (hence the name “Midway”). Read more

FAA to Increase Co-Pilot Training

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Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal by Andy Pasztor.

“The Federal Aviation Administration is about to propose a minimum experience requirement for airline co-pilots that is substantially higher than current mandates but considerably below the level sought by Congress, according to industry officials and others familiar with the details.

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Man Catches Burglar from Introductory Flight

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Amazing story from AP, thanks for the Introductory Flight tip!

BAY, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas man who wanted to capture aerial photos of his home during his first plane ride instead helped catch two men burglarizing it.

Steven Lynn said he could see the two taking items from his house.

“I looked down, and sure enough, there was a truck hooked onto a trailer, and guys were loading stuff up,” Lynn told The Jonesboro Sun. “It didn’t seem to faze them that we were buzzing over in an airplane; we got down pretty low.” Read more

iFlite 3 App

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Terrific article from Cessna

Apple iPad – iFlite 3 Updates Ready for Single-Engines
Cessna iFlite 3 For The Apple iPad Is Available For All Cessna Single-Engine AircraftImprovements over the first iFlite, introduced less than a year ago, include:

  • Pinch-to-Zoom, Moving Map Sectionals
  • Sectionals and IFR Low/High Enroute Terrain Charts
  • Inflight Weather (ADS-B) with No Monthly Subscription
  • Route Rubber Banding
  • TFRs on the Moving Map

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