What is a Contrail?

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Watch the video now: CBS KPHO 5 News Story – What are Chemtrails?

CBS KPHO 5 recently tackled the growing concern about contrails in our skies. Certain groups fear that they contain harmful chemicals and are somehow related a global government conspiracy. Read more

Snow in Arizona

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Flagstaff Arizona

Many visitors think that Arizona has an envious winter of 70 degrees. They are correct and rightfully jealous. But an Arizona winter is so much more.

Private aviation has opened the doors to places all over Arizona. With Sedona and Flagstaff a short flight north of the Valley, anyone can experience our winter wonderland. Read more

Rename the Plane Poll

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Here is your chance to help Sawyer Aviation rename their Cessna 172SP. Currently known as N21756, what will it’s new tail number be?! Help us decide and cast your vote!


Sawyer Aviation's 172SP N21756

Business for Scottsdale Charter

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Bombardier Jet

The Scottsdale Airpark Business News recently featured Sawyer Aviation and the increased activity at the Scottsdale Airport from the 2011 Barrett Jackson collector-car auction. Sawyer President, Chad J. Verdaglio, explained a large amount of business is expected every year from this event making it one of the Scottsdale Airport’s busiest weeks.  Events such as Barrett Jackson and the Waste Management Phoenix Open bring national recognition and tourism dollars to the Scottsdale Airpark, Scottsdale and other valley businesses.

Many visitors will again flock to this desert oasis to enjoy the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Giving another boost to the Scottsdale Airpark and the whole Valley. Read more

iPad Winner

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Thank you to everybody for following Sawyer Aviation on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

And the lucky winner is……

Michael Charlton!

Sawyer Aviation iPad Winner!

Congratulations Michael Charlton on winning the Sawyer Aviation iPad!

Read more

New Jersey and Back in Three Days

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Two of our fearless instructors, Matt Forsey and Mike Vasta, flew from Scottsdale to New Jersey and back, in three days.

The total distance of their trip was 3,629 nautical miles.

They captured some amazing moments in the video below. Read more

Checkride Checklist

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It’s only a few days before your checkride and you keeping wondering if you’re missing something?

With all that aeronautical knowledge swirling around in your head you can’t forget the basics. So here is the IMSAFE checklist to make sure you are safe to fly before your checkride.


Read more

8 ways to know when you should not land your plane

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Ok, it’s time to land your plane, but should you? There are some circumstances where it’s safer to divert to another airport. But how do you know when you should divert?

Our pilots have created a list of more common situations when you should not land your plane. This list is of course not all inclusive, there are many unique situations that you might face in the future. Read more

Track Santa on his Christmas Eve journey

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NORAD will track Santa as he makes his long flight around the world in one night!

This world famous pilot has an even bigger team helping him out this Christmas. With some help from the FAA and NORAD, the elves are able to track Santa during his entire flight. Follow along and see when he is supposed to be in your country or state!

Follow Santa live! Hurry, he has already left!

Watch below for last years flight. Read more

NextGen helps Santa

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We had to share this exciting new development!

Date:   December 20, 2010
Contact:   FAA Press Office
Phone:  202-267-3883

FAA Certifies Santa’s NextGen-Equipped Sleigh for Christmas Eve

WASHINGTON – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety inspectors at the North Pole certified Santa One, the reindeer-powered sleigh piloted by Santa Claus, for its Christmas Eve round-the-world delivery mission. Read more