Cirrus Gen5 SR22T N911KJ

  • 2014
  • Generation 5 “Gen5” SR22 Turbo Cirrus
  • 3600lb (200lb) Takeoff weight increase
  • Seating for FIVE
  • Air-conditioned
  • FLIR Forward Looking Infrared Vision
  • Best/latest version of the #1 selling airplane in the world
  • Turbocharged
  • Certified known icing (FIKI)
  • Garmin G1000 Perspective
  • 214 ktas Max Cruise
  • 755 nm Max Range
Air Conditioned, Amsafe airbag seatbelts, Rosen Sun Visors, LED Landing & recognition lights, Oxygen, Certified for flight in known icing (FIKI), Cirrus Airframe Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS parachute for the entire aircraft), Folding Rear Seats for golf clubs, skis and/or snowboards
Max Cruise Speed

Max Range

Max Operating Altitude

Max Climb Sea Level


214 ktas

755 nm

25,000 ft

1,400 fpm

201 kias

Aircraft manufacturer data, actual aircraft performance may vary based on a number of factors, consult FAA approved Pilot Operating Handbook for full details before flight.

Garmin G1000 Perspective IFR GPS WAAS approach approved Garmin Synthetic Vision Garmin Perspective ESP with flight profile & winds aloft EVS/FLIR Forward Looking Infrared Vision Autopilot/Flight Guidance System Garmin GFC700* Vertical Navigation (VNAV) XM Weather (high-res NEXRAD, satellite imagery METAR/TAF etc.) XM Radio Garmin SafeTaxi Electronic Checklist Garmin Electronic IFR Charts Air Data Computer (wind velocity & vector) Fuel Totalizer linked to GPS & moving map Multi-Function Display (MFD) / Moving Map Terrain Advisory System (TAS) *Two-axis approach coupling autopilot with vertical speed and altitude preselect. Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS).
Engine Manufacturer

Engine Model


Propeller Type




3 blade, constant speed


Max Usable

Fuel Usable Fuel (Tabs)

Max Gross Takeoff Weight

Basic Empty Weight

Empty Arm

Useful Load

Max Luggage Weight


92 Gal

60 Gal

3600 lbs

2524 lbs



140 lbs

$449.00/hr Prepay Rate

$499.00/hr Retail Rate

Fuel Included1 Overnight rental available2

Checkout Requirements

Aircraft checkout procedures require a minimum of a Biennial Flight Review* for first time renters – minimum of 1hr-2hrs of flight & 1hr-2hrs of ground instruction for current & proficient pilots. A successful aircraft checkout at the end of a scheduled BFR/Checkout session is not guaranteed by default, subject to pilot performance within his-or-her minimum FAA private-pilot & rated standards and at the discretion of the Sawyer Aviation Instructor. A checkout is required for each model of aircraft to be rented (solo). A minimum of three-flight hours are required for a checkout in G1000 equipped aircraft. This policy is reverse compatible for the analog equivalent of the same model of aircraft (e.g. Checkout in C-172SP with G1000 = checkout in non-G1000 [analog] C-172SP). Sawyer Aviation graduates who have received a rating at Sawyer Aviation, within the preceding 12-months in the same model of aircraft to be rented, may automatically meet steps 3 & 4 of the checkout requirements. Twin-engine, DA-42 Twinstar, composite, complex & high performance aircraft checkout requirements may vary, call Sawyer Aviation for details. Flights to Canada, Mexico or Caribbean allowed.
NOTE: No pilot minimums apply to flights with a Sawyer Aviation Instructor.
*BFR may be substituted with IPC & VFR maneuvers at instructor’s discretion. Pilots must hold a current third-class medical, have a valid credit card on-file & sign an aircraft rental agreement prior to any rental, solo or dual flight.

Minimum Pilot Requirements

  1. FAA instrument-rated private-pilot’s License & current medical certificate
  2. 250 total hours
  3. Must satisfactorily complete the aircraft checkout process including: (Pilots with 50hrs of SR22 time) may be eligible for reduced requirements -OR- 10hrs of dual flight instruction in the aircraft with at least one cross-country flight.
  4. Completion of Sawyer Aviation’s Cirrus checkout


  1. Review of Sawyer Aviation rental policies & procedures
  2. Assessment of aeronautical knowledge
  3. Aircraft performance, systems, procedures & limitations
  4. Aircraft normal, abnormal & emergency maneuvers

1Fuel purchased away from point of departure is credited to rental and deducted from rental charges.2Overnight parking, landing fees, etc. are client responsibility. Three-hour daily minimum required per 24-hr period commencing from time of day when aircraft reservation begins (Example: 5:00pm Friday through 12:00pm Sunday = one full 24-hr period).3Checkout process includes biennial flight review (BFR) and instrument competency check (IPC) if instrument rated. Aircraft checkout valid for 12-months from the date of completion. Existing customer seeking a checkout to fly additional Sawyer Aviation aircraft only need perform steps 3 & 4 of the checkout process after first aircraft checkout is complete.

For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at (480) 922-5221 (option 3).