Diamond DA42 Twinstar N767SA

  • 2008
  • G1000
  • Approach coupling autopilot
  • Complex
  • 168 ktas Max Cruise
  • 1,129 nm Max Range
Xenon Landing & Taxi LightsFlight into Known Icing ApprovedFolding Rear Seats for golf clubs, skis, and/or snowboards
Max Cruise SpeedMax RangeMax Operating AltitudeMax Operating Altitude (SE)Max Climb Sea LevelVne
168 ktas1,129 nm18,000 ft10,000 ft1,280 fpm194 kias

Aircraft manufacturer data, actual aircraft performance may vary based on a number of factors, consult FAA approved Pilot Operating Handbook for full details before flight.

Garmin G1000 IFR GPSAutopilot/Flight Guidance System Bendix/King KAP140*Vertical Navigation (VNAV)XM Weather (high-res NEXRAD, satelite imagery METAR/TAF etc.)XM RadioGarmin SafeTaxiElectronic ChecklistGarmin Electronic IFR ChartsAir Data Computer (wind velocity & vector)Fuel Totalizer linked to GPS & moving mapMulti-Function Display (MFD) / Moving MapTerrain Advisory System (TAS)*Two-axis approach coupling autopilot with vertical speed and altitude preselect. Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS).
Engine ManufacturerEngine ModelHorsepowerPropeller TypeTurbocharged
CenturionTAE 125-02-99135MT 3-blade composite constant speed, full-feathering
FuelMax Usable FuelMax Gross Takeoff WeightBasic Empty WeightEmpty ArmUseful LoadMax Luggage WeightMax Nose LuggageMax Aft Luggage
JetA-150 Gal3,935 lbs2,927.70 lbs94.681,007.3 lbs100 lbs66 lbs100 lbs

NOTE: Reduced or intermediate fuel loads may be achieved by referencing internal fuel gauges.

$359.00/hr Prepay Rate
$399.00/hr Retail Rate
Fuel Included1 Overnight rental available2

Checkout Requirements

Aircraft checkout procedures require a minimum of a Biennial Flight Review* for first time renters – minimum of 1hr-2hrs of flight & 1hr-2hrs of ground instruction for current & proficient pilots. A successful aircraft checkout at the end of a scheduled BFR/Checkout session is not guaranteed by default, subject to pilot performance within his-or-her minimum FAA private-pilot & rated standards and at the discretion of the Sawyer Aviation Instructor. A checkout is required for each model of aircraft to be rented (solo). A minimum of three-flight hours are required for a checkout in G1000 equipped aircraft. This policy is reverse compatible for the analog equivalent of the same model of aircraft (e.g. Checkout in C-172SP with G1000 = checkout in non-G1000 [analog] C-172SP). Sawyer Aviation graduates who have received a rating at Sawyer Aviation, within the preceding 12-months in the same model of aircraft to be rented, may automatically meet steps 3 & 4 of the checkout requirements. Twin-engine, DA-42 Twinstar, composite, complex & high performance aircraft checkout requirements may vary, call Sawyer Aviation for details. Flights to Canada, Mexico or Caribbean allowed.
NOTE: No pilot minimums apply to flights with a Sawyer Aviation Instructor.
*BFR may be substituted with IPC & VFR maneuvers at instructor’s discretion. Pilots must hold a current third-class medical, have a valid credit card on-file & sign an aircraft rental agreement prior to any rental, solo or dual flight.

Minimum Pilot Requirements

  1. FAA Multi-engine, instrument-rated private-pilot’s license & current medical certificate
  2. 250hrs total flight time
  3. 50hrs multi-time in any multi-engine aircraft; 25 of the minimum 50 multi-engine hours must be in a DA-42 -OR- have 10hrs of DA-42 time dual (with a Sawyer Aviation instructor)
  4. Completion of Sawyer Aviation’s DA-42 ground school (6-8hrs one-on-one with Sawyer MEI).


  1. Review of Sawyer Aviation rental policies & procedures
  2. Assessment of aeronautical knowledge
  3. Aircraft performance, systems, procedures & limitations
  4. Aircraft normal, abnormal & emergency maneuvers

1Fuel purchased away from point of departure is credited to rental and deducted from rental charges.2Overnight parking, landing fees, etc. are client responsibility. Three-hour daily minimum required per 24-hr period commencing from time of day when aircraft reservation begins (Example: 5:00pm Friday through 12:00pm Sunday = one full 24-hr period).3Checkout process includes biennial flight review (BFR) and instrument competency check (IPC) if instrument rated. Aircraft checkout valid for 12-months from the date of completion. Existing customer seeking a checkout to fly additional Sawyer Aviation aircraft only need perform steps 3 & 4 of the checkout process after first aircraft checkout is complete.

For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at (480) 922-5221 (option 3).