Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
Nice professional folks -01/04/2014
They’re awesome, had a blast! -10/31/2014
Good to enjoy a 30 min flight in cockpit along with the pilot and know some basics about flight operations. -10/31/2014
My son had so much fun and the instructor was very nice. Thank You! -10/31/2014
Chris was awesome!!! We believe we had the best pilot/instructor or are they all superb?? If you’re interested in taking flight training, I definitely recommend this place. They also offer multiple packages which would make a fun outing and/or memorable time on a special occasion. -03/05/2014
Awesome experience! -03/01/2014
Excellent experience -02/24/2014
Very friendly, and they know their ‘stuff’. A wonderful experience, well worth full price! -02/24/2014
Michael was an excellent pilot. He did a great job explaining everything to my son. I’d highly recommend him! -02/22/2014
I bought this for my husband. He went with a great friend and they had a wonderful time. He said the pilot was fantastic and they enjoyed the entire experience -02/09/2014
My husband loves his lesson!!!! -02/22/2014
It was great! -02/04/2014
It was awesome and I plan to continue with them! -02/05/2014
Wonderful experience. -01/31/2014
My instructor was very professional and took time to explain the operation. Well worth the investment. -01/31/2014
Great experience!!! Lauren is a an excellent instructor. -01/26/2014
Awesome experience!! Great flying lesson!! -01/25/2014
This was a phenomenal life experience for a bargain price. By all means, keep doing deals with Sawyer! -01/24/2014

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Chris was an awesome Instructor Pilot! Great experience! -01/24/2014
Excellent. Professional. Fun!!! -01/24/2012
Chris was great! -01/24/2014
Trainer was knowledgeable and very nice. Had a great time. Thank you -01/24/2014
Excellent experience for anyone looking to see if they want to learn to fly a small airplane. Would totally use them for flight training. -01/17/2014
It was wonderful !! -01/14/2014
The staff was friendly and it was very educational and enjoyable! Will be back! -01/14/2014
Excellent service, great opportunity! -01/17/2014
Ask for Carl May, he is the best flight instructor there! -01/14/2014
The pilot made me feel very comfortable, and was not intimidated. I want to go again. -01/10/2014
The instructor was awesome, he was very knowledgeable as a flight instructor!! Very laid back and calm but also very good at flying!!! Thanks Mike!!! -01/04/2014
Very professional!! I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend and go back. -12/07/2013
My son and I were very pleased with our experience. -11/22/2013
Fantastic flight! -11/16/2013
What an intense experience! I had a great time and even though I’m not a fan of heights, having so much to focus on during the flight really helped me manage that fear and enjoy the learning experience. -11/02/2013
Great way to experience flying, good value for your money. -10/05/2013
The really let you fly the plane! It’s a little scary, but so cool! -09/14/2013
Mike was a great instructor and I had a blast. I only have one complaint: the two hours went by too quickly! :] -09/22/2013
This was a real good deal and an amazing experience I would not have tried without the discount coupon from Living Social. The coupon gave me a chance to experience flying and now I know I will return. :>) -09/07/2013
The staff here was amazing and the experience was fun. Really makes you want to become a pilot! The owner of the company even came out to greet us! The instructor Carl was awesome! The good looking receptionist was very nice too. You gotta go do this! -09/07/2013
This was a great deal, and an amazing experience. Thank you to Pilot Joe for introducing me to flying and being a great instructor! -09/06/2013
It was a blast. Instructor was able to answer all questions and make the experience fun. -08/29/2013
Great experience. Great people working there. -08/12/2013